My area of interest is autism, and I have learned so much since my beloved son was diagnosed four years ago. I have also learnt about and ‘experienced’ autism in two continents, the USA and Australia. Sharing about these experiences and passing on some of the knowledge and hopefully a bit of wisdom is the aim!


8 thoughts on “hello!

  1. Hi Karen,
    welcome to the world of blogging, I find it so helpful in helping process what I am feeling, thinking and the experiences of life. I have posted your blog on a facebook group that has many autism mums to get your counter ticking over:) this is the link, you are welcome to join if you would like:
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/421033830120/ WA Special Families.

    Seth posted your link on his facebook so I found you from there:)

  2. Hi Karen

    Just read your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading your insights and the incredible amount of research you’ve done and continue to do! Well done!

    My son was finally diagnosed at 13 with “autism”. Prior to the diagnosis he always fell between the gaps with the title “language and comprehension disorder with secondary speech delays”.

    We chose to homeschool which proved to be a wonderful experience for all of us – he could learn at his own pace without fear of bullying or being ostracized and we learnt to relax and stop comparing what was suppose to be age appropriate learning skills with others his age. One of his greatest strengths is visual perception and his development was learned rather than what comes naturally to normal progessing children.

    He is now 20, a beautiful soft, gentle hearted young man and we are proud and blessed to be a part of his world. His learning has grown incredibly over the years as he matures and takes in more information at his level of understanding. He is brilliant at history and geography, reads and comprehends these subjects and is a whiz on strategy computer games!

    Can I encourage you and Seth in your journey – you are both strong, loving, dedicated parents and your boy is very blessed to have parents so “hands on”.

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