A Boy and a Beach

The ABC is running a program called Faceless Portraits www.open.abc.net.au whereby you submit photos of people without showing their faces while still capturing their spirit.

I started trawling through my photos and chose a number of pictures to submit.  This is one of them.

I love it because my son looks at peace in the water.

Calm, still, focused and completely in harmony with the ocean. Just looking at my son in this photo made me feel calmer!

This week I felt a bit down about an under resourced ‘system’, and all the families who struggle both in it and with it. On Monday I watched an autism documentary on TV that presented a point of view (but not anything that represented my view), on Wednesday I read a newspaper article describing a new ‘autism app’ that promised a lot (and I hoped it would be great), and on Friday I read a letter written by an autism mum advocating for better schooling (I wondered if the ‘powers that be’ would act). Some weeks I just feel frustrated and fed up.

Ending the week by looking at these beach photos just lifted my spirit and calmed me down.  Maybe its time to take myself to the beach for a while.


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