Three months ago today…

Three months ago today the first post went up on this blog. A lot has happened in that short time that has made me HAPPY!

There has great feedback from mums and dads who have been able to access resources and find hope and perspective. Its been wonderful to hear from friends and strangers who have learned something new and seen things in a different way. I have felt connected to people all over the world and to those who live in my neck of the woods. New friends have been made (both in cyber-space and in ‘real-life’), and I’ve discovered new blogs that have encouraged and inspired me. Its been exciting to give a couple of ‘talks’ about our journey to different groups, and one of my favourite autism experts has emailed me and reposted my blog.

It’s been fun and I have LOVED it!

Over three years ago our family went into a ‘bubble’ of sorts. I stopped chatting on the phone with friends. I got off Facebook (yes, I did!). There was the need to free myself from every other commitment, except the one big job at hand. The job was to learn all I could, and to help my son in any way I could.

In many ways in those early days it was such an isolating journey. The workload was enormous. Grappling with such difficult emotions was tiring and I had to ‘reframe’ situations over and over again. Hope was something that threatened to be taken from me with just a strong puff of wind.

Times are a bit different now. Its the ‘new normal’. I am back on Facebook (with a Facebook Page and all!) and chatting to my friends on the phone is a regular occurrence. Its been refreshing to look back and see how much we have all learned and how far we have come. I feel so fortunate and proud and blessed to be the mother of my spunky four year old. Sharing about different resources and stories in the blog has been energizing.

There has been 18 posts made, people from 27 countries have read the blog and there has been just shy of 4, 000 views. Unexpected…but so cool!

I have felt heard. I know for sure I am not alone. I have felt so much hope. Thanks folks…here’s to the next three months!!


4 thoughts on “Three months ago today…

  1. I have loved reading your story, hearing your insight and wisdom, and seeing you reach out to others. I draw inspiration from you as a mother, and I look forward to reading more!

  2. I haven’t had to deal like you Karen but it has been a delight to read your blog and I try to get it out there on FB for anyone that is dealing. It is extremely good writing!!

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