News from November

November was ‘one of those months’ for the Brooks family. It was just a lot. Here are the headlines.

My mother in law passed away after a three year battle with cancer. It is terribly sad. She was 66 years old. My son is her only grandchild and my hubby is her only child, who she raised as a single mum. She is already missed by our little family. My hubby’s father passed away earlier this year (also to cancer), so he has lost both his parents in one year.

Brooksy organised a beautiful funeral service for his mum, delivered a moving eulogy, packed up her entire house, and finalised all of her funeral arrangements and personal affairs. He had some very special people around to help out and provide support. It really was no small feat …considering he is on crutches.

Brooksy hurt his ankle a couple of months ago and it just got worse not better. In the end when he went in to see a doctor it turned out he had ruptured tendons and had to go into plaster for six weeks…possibly requiring surgery if plaster does not fix it. To say it has been frustrating for him (and me and Kiddo) would be an understatement. I have to say we both just sighed when the doctor told him to ‘take it easy’ and keep the leg up and rested. I couldn’t resist letting the doctor know that ‘our son has autism – not moving is just not possible!! Seriously! I told hubby he would have to move out of our house and live in a hotel in order to achieve this rest. Thankfully he must like us a lot ‘cos he is still living with us!

November is also birthday month and our beloved son turned 5! It felt like an important milestone. Kiddo had a great birthday and as a present I had a 5 minute professional DVD made of the past five years of his life with a collation of videos and photos arranged with music in the background. Kiddo loved it! He looked amused to see himself as a baby and as a toddler, particularly at clips of himself attempting to communicate through vocal play as a 2.5 year old.

In November the green light was also given by my son’s school for him to enter into the mainstream class full time next year. There will be aide support (not sure yet how much yet) but it is still a pretty incredible achievement by my son. It really is a credit to his determined personality and a credit to all who work with him and love him. He has spent the past two years in an early intervention class which runs on the same campus as the mainstream primary school. Transition across to mainstream started a couple of weeks ago and all seems to be travelling nicely. After a bumpy first half to this school year, the year has now ended on a good note for Kiddo on the educational/progress front.

Then to round out the month I started to feel sick…and nauseous…and tired. I felt crushed by tiredness. And with that I found out that…I am pregnant!!!

So with my hubby threatening to ‘blab all’ on Facebook I dragged myself off the couch today to write this blog. I wanted to do the ‘big reveal’ yesterday but Kate and Wills stole my thunder! So today is my day to make headline news… in my family… and on my blog!

Due date for Baby Brooks is June 2013.

Kiddo 'having a go' with Daddy's crutches

Kiddo ‘having a go’ with Daddy’s crutches


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