Grab A Cuppa: my (ever expanding) autism blog-roll

Since I began blogging a whole new world of people, and their words, ideas, thoughts, and inspirations have come into my life. I never knew so many people blogged and read blogs! Now I do both. I just wanted to share with you links to some of the blogs about autism that I read. Some I read regularly and some just occasionally…There are more that I want to (and could) add to this list…but right now the pregnant mama is tired and needs to go to sleep! I also want to let you know that I’m waiting for my hubby to show me how to add a blog-roll to my own blog page- (actually…maybe I’m just waiting for him to do it for me!).

Grab a cuppa, pull up a couch, put your feet up and enjoy this list!

cup of tea photo

Autistic Bloggers:

“The Aspie Side of Life” :

“Tiny Grace Notes: AKA Ask an Autistic”:

“Unstrange Mind: Remapping My World”:

“O The Places I’ll Go: My Life With Autism”:


“Yes, That Too”:

Autism Parent Bloggers*:

“Mommy Buddy From the Planet Autism”:

“Autism Daddy”:

“Flappiness Is”:

“Raising Rebel Souls”:

“Reinventing Mommy”:

“Go Team Kate”:

“Mama Be Good”:

“Just a Lil Blog”:

“Autism and Oughtisms”:

“The Tumultuous Truth”:

“Different Kinds of Normal”:

“Snagglebox”: (Practical Parenting Help)

* Many of these Parent blogs also have the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

FaceBook Pages (Paula Kluth has her own website and writes books) (also blogs) (blogs and has written a book) (Uniting disability-centric news) (ThAutcast)

There is enough inspiration and information on all of these sites to keep you going for years to come! Thanks for reading x


8 thoughts on “Grab A Cuppa: my (ever expanding) autism blog-roll

  1. Thank you for adding FB page to your list! We love so many of the sites and blogs you mentioned, too! So great to learn from each other. Love your blog, too!!

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