Autism Travel Tales…

This post is designed to link YOU to my very first guest post (!) on the fantastic blogsite “Autistic Globetrotting: Autism Travel Made Easy”  see:

…our families travel tales start off with a bit of inspiration from my dear husband who writes: 

Those lovely moments when I find myself in a jumbo jet 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean and my son decides he wants go ‘exploring’…

I have to say reminiscing over our ‘early’ travel experiences did make me giggle.  Wince a little.  But still giggle.

The understanding looks of passengers when the aisle in the plane becomes my child’s personal 100m sprint track…

Yep! Kiddo is a ball of energy.  Always was and still is.  In all honesty though sitting down for umpteen hours in a confined space is just plain tedious-for anyone.  Thankfully I have heaps more strategies in my ‘bag of tricks’ now!  I am also unbelievably proud of my son’s ever improving ability to recognize and regulate his body and his emotions.

I smile with the knowledge that in 12 hours from now, I will never have to (with any luck) see any of those people again!

The truth is my whole family loves to travel. So when we can-we will! We deal with the ‘issues’ as they come up.  We learn from our mistakes and put our focus on all the wonderful people we meet along the way who are inclusive, helpful, understanding and patient.

For the rest of the post go to this link is

Hope some of my travel tips are helpful next time you travel with your child/toddler. Enjoy!!

kaz pics 053

Kiddo at the San Diego Zoo


5 thoughts on “Autism Travel Tales…

  1. This was great to read Karen. I am in the process of planning a trip from Perth to London with my two Aspies, my daughter who is 8 will be OK (though anxious) and my son 4, will be a nightmare. He cant sit still for more than 10 minutes. I feel sick thinking about how we will manage him. Your story helps.

    • Hi Sharon, glad my story helps! Can you organise a family member or friend to do a little ‘babysitting’ once you get to London? Recovery time (for you) will help. Also if the plane is not full, request an empty seat next you your child…more wiggle room. Good luck-would love an update (maybe even a ‘Tumultuous Truth’ blog post?!) on how it goes!

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