For Real!

What’s been on my mind lately you ask?

Why thank you for asking! The answer is quite a lot actually.

I am finding the older my son gets (which oddly enough also translates into the older I get) the more reflective I am about where we started, where we are now, my son’s development, my own growth and the many opportunities that have been afforded my son and my family. My firm belief is that a number of these opportunities rank right up there in the rarified air of the miracle zone. True story. And I am grateful beyond words.

For me a recent ‘grateful beyond words’ moment looks like this:

I was at Subway with Kiddo. We ate lunch there and had a conversation that went like exactly like this:

Me: what are you thinking about Kiddo?

Kiddo: I am having a bad thought Mom!

Me: what do you mean?

Kiddo: I am thinking a bad thing!

Me: O really- and what is it?

Kiddo (deadpan face and a twinkle in his eye) : I am thinking I am going to kick your butt Mom!

Me: O really! That’s pretty funny Kiddo – maybe I’ll just have to kick your butt first!

Kiddo: (deadpan face explodes into hysterical laughter): No Mom! Please don’t do that! Hahahahahahah! Don’t kick my butt!

Let me insert the necessary hashtag here #gratefulbeyondwords

That recent trip to Subway ticked the following boxes for me with my seven year old: we ate AND had a conversation at the same time, he ordered his own Sub, he counted out the money to pay for his Sub, he used his manners, he followed directions, he was calm, he waited at the table by himself while I had a quick bathroom break and he walked to and from the car in a safe manner. And it all was no big deal.

My flashback touchstone are the visits we used to make to the hairdressor five years ago to get Kiddo’s hair cut. It.Was.Not.Good.  Let’s just say we used to let his hair grow as long as we could between cuts. These days… Haircuts? No big deal at all. I mean Kiddo actually giggles now when that previously dreaded razor buzzes near his ears. Yes – giggles!

So in the middle of all my feelings of gratitude towards all the wonderful people and opportunities that have been afforded to my son and our family, I made a decision.

Drumroll please!!

I decided to take all my bloggy words and thoughts and ideas and roll them into a book about all the things I wish I could have read about in the first couple of years of my journey with my son. A book that is informative, hopeful, helpful and life affirming.

So I’m out of the starting blocks with 25,000 words on the first draft now written (not that I’m counting or anything!).

Thank you to my friends Jessica and Shazza for punching my fears in the face on my behalf and helping me to do the hardest part. Get started.

Please feel free to send encouragement my way! Now that I’ve told you I want to do this I am going to have to follow through.

For Real!


16 thoughts on “For Real!

    • I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to share it with all of our families and my colleagues. I’m so proud of you but not at all surprised you’ve decided to share all of your wisdom and wealth of knowledge with others…now you just need to open a PLAYC in Portland!! (I’ll come be the director) :0)

  1. Great blog Kaz – so cool to hear of Kiddo’s progress – especially when it’s in the Miracle Zone. It’s given me new appreciation for all the things in my life that are no big deal.
    Can’t wait to be reading the book! Being an author is a Very. Big. Deal.

  2. FANTASTIC!!! I am so excited for you!!! You are incredible and an inspiration!
    Cheering you on massively from the sidelines. It’s going to be a best seller!!! Lots of love x

  3. Does Kiddo get a chapter? And hubby? Now that would be interesting… 😉
    Lots of love, I think you’re amazing and oh what a story! Enjoy this next leg of the journey.
    Peace and grace as you go.

    • Thanks Michelle! I may be sending you a draft for feedback sometime in the future – if that’s ok?! Really enjoying your blog posts too by the way – keep them coming 🙂 x

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