Blogging from A to Z 

I was inspired this morning after reading a post on Unstrange Mind and saw she has taken on the  ‘April 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge’ (see ).

The challenge this brave blogger has taken on for the entire month of April (except for Sunday’s) is to blog through the alphabet on autism- related topics to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. 

My contribution to the month and to April 2 which is Autism Awareness Day is to give you, the reader, a choice of some of my favorite autism blog posts to read. Your challenge is to pick just ONE to help increase awareness and acceptance of autism! I’ve picked some good ones! 

If you have time please share with me in the comments which one you read. I would love to know 🙂

Here are the posts I chose for you for Autism Awareness Day:

Autism and Oughtisms is a blog written by a mother who is also a lawyer. She can slice through the tough autism topics like nobody else. I hope she blogs forever. Read:

Sparrow Rose is a brilliant writer and an autistic adult. Read ‘A is for Acceptance ‘ on her blog:

This is from Bec at Snagglebox. I share this post frequently. It can help save lives.

Jason writes about faith, his family and autism. Check this post out:

I stumbled across Carrie Cariello more recently. This post is perfect about her take on what causes autism:

Bacon and Juice Boxes is written by Jerry (aka Mr Bacon) and he is my kind of writer. As a parent he validates the struggle, gives dignity to his son and can also make you laugh out loud! Head over and read this from him-

Last but not least – one from me about inclusion : ‘As I Held My Breath’

Love Kaz 


6 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z 

  1. ok I’ve taken up the challenge. Read the first on the list. She writes in a way that really gets you thinking. Love it. Now after breakfast I’ll start reading through them all.

    May your Easter be happy/sad/reflective/glorious/sweet (chocolate rabbits and fruit buns with crosses on them (hot and full of butter – plus an added healthy dose of fig jam on top)!

    David A.

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