In Search of a Book Title.

I am pleased to say there is movement at the station and my #KazBrooksBook project is coming along very nicely.  I am super excited!.

Kiddo at the Beach (a possible book cover photo) !!

Kiddo at the Beach (a possible book cover photo) !!

So the back story to this post is that I left Hubby to handle things on the home front last Wednesday night and I went out with friends and had adult conversations and laughed a lot.  The conversation turned to the topic of my writing and then to book titles.  So here are the ideas that were talked about at the table with my friends and now I am turning them over to you. Yes, you! I would love to know your thoughts and receive feedback, either by writing the number of the book title you like the best in the comments or feel free to play around with the title and the tag line and give me new ideas.  I am open to any and all suggestions!

Proposed Book Titles are:

#1 – At the Skatepark & On The Spectrum: Dropping In On Autism & Early Intervention.

#2- Engaging Kiddo: A Mother’s Story About Parenting her Young Son with Autism.

#3- As I Held My Breath: Parenting & Life on the Autism Spectrum.

#4- The Way We Roll: Parenting, Autism & Family Life.

#5- Snack-food, Sunshine and Skateparks: A True Story About Autism, Early Diagnosis & Early Intervention.

#6-Parenting a Young Child on the Autism Spectrum: Stories, Tips, Ideas & Inspiration from a Mother & Her Son.

thoughts, feedback…go! Muchas Gracias amigos!


8 thoughts on “In Search of a Book Title.

  1. Both Kristy and I reckon the first one is a goer. It has spark…plus the uniqueness of your story.
    Can’t wait for your book to come out Karen. I’m sure it will give me another level of understanding as I interact with ASD children and their families in my teaching. I think of you often as i negotiate the learning program of one particular child in my class of 8 year olds this year. Love the proposed cover page as well.
    Marion Schrader

  2. I like #4. It seems that skating and engagement will be part of it, but if the reader does not at first glance know anything about skating, they will not make the connection between dropping in and skating; whereas the “the way we roll” says a lot about HOW you are and HOW you do what you are and do! Way to go Kaz!

  3. I like #3 & #5 and would combine the title of #3 with the tagline of #5: As I held my breath: a true story about autism, early diagnosis and early intervention. If I was facing an unexpected diagnosis, I’d feel that way – breath on hold, waiting, wondering, watching, hoping, praying….The tagline tells me what the story encompasses. Best wishes Kaz!

  4. As a fellow mum of a ASD son, I like and relate most to #3, (He is 18 and there are still plenty of hold your breath moments), plus I think it creates intrigue which will translate to book sales 😊 👍🏻

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