Hi! My name is Kaz Brooks and my area of interest is autism. I have learned so much since my spunky Kiddo was diagnosed five years ago, and recently Baby Girl has joined our family. I have degrees in Teaching and Human Services and I love working with people. Over the past five years I have lived in Portland, Oregon (USA), San Diego (USA) and in Perth, Australia. I have learnt so much about autism and inclusion from my experiences in all these places. Reflecting and sharing about these experiences and passing on some of the knowledge and hopefully a bit of wisdom is the aim!


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  1. Hello Karen, I recently came across your blog how to survive long distance flights April 30, 2013. I have a child diagnosed relatively late with autism. I have struggled on long distance USA India flights with issues you mentioned. It was easier to take these flights whilst still a toddler, now for the past 4 years I have not been able to fly at all with all the sensory and sleep issues on the tight cramped plane seats (I can’t afford first class seats). I learnt from your blog that I could have made my child’s ordeal a shade easier by getting his meals served first, by getting us early boarding and deplaning. But I hesitate to discuss the diagnosis with airlines to India (which is a door to door 38 hour trip with lay overs etc and several time zone changes) for fear that they will not allow us to fly. Any suggestions. I am not so tech savvy; could you email me at my email address so I could discuss further.

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